2003 News Story

Interior Ministry gives more details of Al-Jouf incident

The Ministry of Interior announced yesterday, following study of the forensic report, that the four terrorist suspects who refused to surrender in last Thursday's incident in fact blew themselves up. The initial statement on Thursday reported that security forces, before raiding a certain house in Al-Suwair in Al-Jouf Province where five wanted terrorists were hiding, had cleared the area and used loudspeakers to give the suspects a chance to surrender; only one, Hassan Hadi Al-Dossari, did so, and a firefight began, in which two security officers were injured.

The four who blew themselves up had already been identified as Turki Nasser Mishaal Aldandani (Saudi), Amash Dakheel bin Saad Al-Subaie (Saudi), Rajih bin Hassan Abdulmanae Al-Ajami (Kuwaiti), and Abdulrahman Mansour Jubarah (Canadian/Kuwaiti). Yesterday's statement confirmed that at the site were found, in addition to other items, large sums of money, forged identity documents, communication devices, and, in two laptop computers, a number of compromising files, in addition to 6 machine guns, 4 other weapons, and quantities of ammunition.

Three persons who tried to help the terrorists to escape outside the Kingdom are being interrogated. They are Mohammed Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Saqabi (Saudi), Nasir Farhan Warhan Al-Rowaili (Saudi), and Mahmoud Badr Ahmed Hezbar (Syrian). Also being interrogated is Musad Hamdan Falih Al-Rawaili (Saudi), who gave the terrorists shelter.