2003 News Story

Grand Mufti calls on Muslims to shun extremism, fanaticism

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Council of Senior Ulema Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Ashaikh today warned Muslims to avoid extremism and fanaticism which lead to bloodshed and killing of innocent people. “One of the fall-outs from extremism in understanding Islam is that some people call for jihad for the sake of God without justification", Shaikh Al-Ashaikh said. “These people who call for jihad, want to raise the banner of jihad to draw the youth into their ranks not to fight for God Almighty”, Shaikh Al-Ashaikh added. "Muslims must understand that the path of reform never comes through violence. Islam is not a religion of violence. It is a religion of mercy for everyone." 

[full text of statement in Arabic, in pdf format]