2003 News Story

Saudi Red Crescent reports on aid extended to Iraq since April

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority has released a report on the aid and humanitarian assistance extended by the Kingdom to Iraq since the end of major fighting in late April, citing a figure of over SR 77 million [U.S. $ 20.6 million]. In addition to the 120-bed fully-staffed field hospital sent to Baghdad to treat injured Iraqis, which included over 50 ambulances as well as a full surgical ward and intensive care unit, the Saudi Red Crescent Society, working closely with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, has airlifted a number of Iraqis to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Saudi Arabia has also provided 100,000 food packages for Iraqi children containing milk, juice, basic staples and toiletries, as well as another 100,000 food packages for needy Iraqi families.