2003 News Story

Initiatives and actions taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the war on terrorism
September, 2003

This report is a compilation of reports, statements and press releases issues by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since September 11, 2001. Because of the size of this report released in print, we have segmented for use on the Internet according to the report’s index.

Table of Contents

Introductory letter by Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States (pdf 49k )

  1. Executive summary (pdf 142k )
  2. Initiatives and actions taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism (pdf 399k )
  3. Circular to all banks & money exchangers (pdf 162k )
  4. SAMA report: Rules governing anti money laundering and combating terrorist financing (AML-CTF)(pdf 2.0 meg )
  5. Regulations on anti money laundering in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia; anti money laundering law (pdf 224k )
  6. Public statements by senior Saudi officials condeming extremism and promoting moderation (pdf 432k )
  7. Restructuring and economic reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (pdf 400k )
  8. Appendices (pdf 18k )
    • Joint task force on terrorism and joint task force on terror financing (pdf 48k )
    • SAMA banking control: guidelines for prevention of monye laundering (in arabic-pdf 1.2 meg )
    • Circulars (pdf 298k )
    • Regulations pertaining to charitable organizations (1980/81) (in arabic-pdf 473k )
    • Press releases related to the war on terrorism, Spetember 2001-2003 (pdf 2.3 meg )
    • General press releases, September 2001-2003 (pdf 1.5 meg )

Entire 377 Page Report (pdf 9.6 meg)


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