2003 News Story

Interior ministry gives details of recent raids on terrorist cells

The Ministry of Interior today reported that in their efforts to pursue terrorist cells in various parts of the Kingdom, the security forces have recently seized large quantities of ammunition and explosives, and arrested a number of wanted terrorists. The Ministry reiterated its warning that anyone who takes any part in the formation, financing, or concealment of terrorist groups will face tough punishment; and praised the cooperation received from many citizens in hunting fugitives or revealing their hideouts.

Today's statement gave a detailed account of raids against hideouts of terrorist cells in various parts of the country, including the city of Riyadh, Al-Majma'a District in Riyadh Province, Makkah Province, Jeddah District of Makkah Province, and Qasim Province.

The confiscated items include C4 plastic explosives, home-made bombs, gas masks, and large quantities of assault rifles and ammunition.