2002 Public Statement

Embassy issues summary report on fight against terrorism

The Royal Embassy in Washington DC, has issued a summary report, 'Initiatives and Actions in the Fight Against Terrorism'. This report can be downloaded as a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat required) from the PUBLICATIONS section of the main menu. The report contains sections on international cooperation; arrests and questioning of suspects; actions taken with regard to charitable organizations; freezing terrorist assets suspected of links to terrorism; and legal and regulatory actions the Kingdom has taken to combat terrorism. It also includes comments made by the U.S. administration officials regarding Saudi Arabia's high level of cooperation; these date from September 11, 2001 to August 15, 2002.

"Any sane man who believes in God and understands the everlasting message of Islam, stands opposed to terrorism as a crime against all humanity. We in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are fully prepared to cooperate in every manner to bring about an end to the scourge of terrorism." - Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, September 13, 2001