2002 Public Statement

September 11, one year late: a radio news release by Nail AL-Jubeir, Deputy Director of the Saudi Arabian Information Office in Washington DC
The dialogue below was released for general distribution, and has been widely broadcast.

ANCHOR LEAD:   With the one-year anniversary of September 11 upon us, nations around the world are sending their condolences to the United States and many eyes are on Saudi Arabia. That story in 3 2 1 …

ANNOUNCER:      On the first anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Saudi Arabia sent its condolences to the United States.

NAIL AL-JUBEIR:  "Words cannot express the deep sense of sorrow and loss we share with all Americans."

ANNOUNCER:      Deputy Director for the Saudi Information Office, Nail Al-Jubeir.

NAIL AL-JUBEIR: “We remain committed to ending the scourge of terrorism in alliance with the United States.  We are also dedicated to a future where children of all nations can live without fear and in peace."

ANNOUNCER:      Robert Barber reporting.