2002 Press Release

Crown Prince sends message to America
JEDDAH (September 10, 2002) As the world marks this first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sends a message on behalf of the Saudi people to America. In a letter conveyed to President Bush and the American people, Crown Prince Abdullah wrote:

On the eve of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the American people, I take the opportunity to renew to you and the families of the victims and indeed the entire American nation, the sincere condolences and sympathy of the Saudi people and myself.

As long as I live, I shall never forget the horrible scenes of carnage, the raging fires, the smoke that covered the horizon, and the innocent people who jumped out of the windows in their attempt to escape.  On that fateful day, the whole world stood with the American people in unprecedented solidarity that made no distinction as to race, religion or language.

It was the perverted hope of the perpetrators of this heinous crime that they could bring humiliation to, and terrorize the American nation.  But the brave people of the United States of America, whose greatness lies in the strength of its brave sons and daughters in facing adversity, and which is enriched by their remarkable achievements, all of this will make them ever stronger than the designs of the evildoers.  Instead of being terrorized by this catastrophe, they became more steadfast and determined.

The target of the terrorists who engineered this crime was humanity at large.  They hoped that this outrageous act would incite and ignite bloody strife among different faiths and civilizations.  But their evil was turned against them, for all humanity united to fight terrorism, and wise voices from all corners of the world arose to echo your declaration that terrorism has no religion or nationality; that it is pure evil, condemned and abhorred by all religions and cultures.

Mr. President:

We in Saudi Arabia felt an especially great pain at the realization that a number of young Saudi citizens had been enticed and deluded and their reasoning subverted to the degree of denying the tolerance that their religion embraced, and turning their backs on their homeland, which always stood for understanding and moderation.  They allowed themselves to be used as a tool to do great damage to Islam, a religion they espoused, and to all Muslims.  They also aimed at causing considerable harm to the historic and strong relationship between the American people and the people of Saudi Arabia.  I would like to make it clear that true Muslims all over the world will never allow a minority of deviant extremists to speak in the name of Islam and distort its spirit of tolerance.  Your friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia denounced and condemned the September 11 attacks as strongly as did the American people.  We, like you, are convinced that nothing can ever justify the shedding of innocent blood or the taking of lives and the terrorizing of people, regardless of whatever cause or motive.  Therefore, we do not simply reiterate sincere and true condolences to the relatives of the victims, but assure all of our continued will and determination to do our utmost to combat this malignant evil and uproot it from our world.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to stand solidly against terrorism. We shall act, independently as well as collectively, with the U.S.-led international coalition to wage a fierce and merciless war against the terrorists in order to eradicate this deadly disease that threatens all societies.

In conclusion, I would like to say to you, my dear friend, that God Almighty, in His wisdom, tests the faithful by allowing such calamities to happen.  But He, in His mercy, also provides us with the will and determination, generated by faith, to enable us to transform such tragedies into great achievements, and crises that seem debilitating are transformed into opportunities for the advancement of humanity.  I only hope that, with your cooperation and leadership, a new world will emerge out of the rubble of the World Trade Center; a world that is blessed by the virtues of freedom, peace, prosperity and harmony.”


Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister,

and Commander of the National Guard