2002 Press Release

Saudi Foreign Minister welcomes U.S. President's address to the UN

NEW YORK, Sept. 15 -- Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal welcomed U.S. President George Bush's call for United Nations Security Council consensus regarding Iraq, and called upon Iraq to allow UN inspectors back into the country. Saudi Arabia has consistently maintained that the issue of Iraq should be dealt with through the United Nations, and not unilaterally.

According to Prince Saud: "Whatever threat Iraq poses, it is clear that the will of the international community is to remove that threat in a way that does not require the firing of a single shot or the loss of a single soldier. The international community's call for the implementation by Iraq of the resolutions of the United Nations will be an important force in the realization of that objective."

"The President has shown great leadership in turning this issue over to the United Nations, which will assure consensus in the international community behind a workable plan", said Prince Saud. "Once this consensus is achieved, the Iraqi leadership will have to respond to the will of the international community, or suffer the consequences."

With regard to Saudi support for any decision taken by the United Nations, Prince Saud stated: "all signatories to the UN Charter, including Saudi Arabia, are obligated to abide by the decisions of the Security Council, in particular those taken under Chapter 7 of the Charter."

Prince Saud also praised President Bush's call for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and his strong commitment to the establishment of a Palestinian state.  "The President's point, that there can be no peace for either side without freedom for both sides, is one we share. It is our hope that the desire of the Palestinian people for freedom will translate into an independent state according to the relevant UN resolutions."

Prince Saud expressed appreciation for President Bush's promise that the United States will do everything in its power to relieve the human suffering of the Palestinian people.