2002 Press Release

Saudi citizens to be treated no differently than those of other nations

Washington, D.C. (September 23, 2002) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States continue to work closely together to enhance security measures to protect against the threat of terrorism.  The two countries are working together on mutually beneficial agreements to facilitate immigration, security, and exchange for our two nations.

The Department of Justice has informed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that in regard to entry into the United States, Saudi citizens will not be treated any differently than citizens of any other nation.  According to the Department of Justice: “All citizens of only five countries …... will be required to be registered and fingerprinted under the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS).  Any citizen of any nation visiting the United States can be included in the NSEERS, but all citizens of no other nation, including Saudi Arabia, will be subject to NSEERS.  As required by current U.S. law, we do expect all citizens visiting the United States from other nations to be included in our border security system.”