2002 Press Release

Saudi Arabia increasing spending on schools and curriculum

 Books and Study Guides to Be Removed of Intolerant Teachings

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has approved budgets for the construction of 780 new schools as well as improvements to another 380 schools.  Part of this funding will improve and equip a number of educational facilities, such as supplying schools with computers, laboratory tools and other devices. The funding will also provide maintenance to existing schools.  In addition, money has been allocated to update books and curriculum.

"Our schools and our faith teach peace and tolerance," stated HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Foreign Minister.  "There is no room in our schools for hatred, for intolerance or for anti-western thinking.  We are working very hard to build a world-class educational system which will help our children be prepared to make substantial contributions to the global society."

An audit conducted by the Foreign Ministry determined that about five percent of the school's books and curriculum contained possibly offensive language.  A program is now in place to eliminate such material from schools.