2002 Press Releases

December 20, 2002Saudi Arabia mourns Congressman Wayne Owens
December 19, 2002Saudi Arabia increasing spending on schools and curriculum
December 17, 2002Charitable contributions not given to promote radicalism
December 07, 2002Mosques not to be used as political platforms
December 03, 2002Saudi Arabia announces counter-terrorism measures
November 24, 2002Princess Haifa refutes charge of terrorist financing
November 12, 2002Saudi Arabia contributes to rebuilding of Afghan roads
November 12, 2002Saudi Arabia reveals details of privatization program
November 02, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah urges Muslims to shun extremism
October 18, 2002Saudi actions to crack down on terrorist financing
October 17, 2002Response to CFR report on terrorist financing
October 11, 2002Statement on efforts to block terrorist financing
October 09, 2002Freeh testifies on Saudi cooperation in Khobar investigation
September 23, 2002Saudi citizens to be treated no differently than those of others
September 20, 2002FBI, Treasury praise Saudis' efforts to stop terrorist financing
September 15, 2002Saudi Foreign Minister welcomes U.S. President's address to the UN
September 11, 2002Saudi Ambassador extends condolences to America
September 10, 2002Saudi Arabia and U.S. track down assets of Bin Ladin operative
September 10, 2002Crown Prince sends message to America
September 08, 2002Embassy statement on extremist group in U.K.
September 06, 2002Saudi Arabia calls for protocol to address child custody issues
September 05, 2002The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues aid to rebuild Afghanistan
September 03, 2002Prince Saud meets with U.S. Congressional delegation
August 29, 2002Embassy statement concerning 'war emblem'
August 06, 2002Foreign Minister emphasizes strength of U.S.-Saudi relations
June 26, 2002Kingdom's response to President Bush's Speech on Middle East
June 20, 2002Saudi Arabia will not be deterred from peace process
June 18, 2002Saudi Arabia moves to arrest 750
May 06, 2002The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responds to false Israeli charges
April 28, 2002Prince Saud on Crown Prince Abdullah's visit to USA
April 26, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah's eight-point mideast peace plan
April 26, 2002Prince Bandar on Crown Prince Abdullah's visit to USA
March 27, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah's speech to Arab Summit in Beirut
February 05, 2002Saudi Arabia’s position on charitable organizations
January 22, 2002Saudi Arabia pledges $220 million for the reconstruction of Afghanistan
January 15, 2002Prince Bandar responds to Senator Levin's statement
January 11, 2002Saudi Embassy reacts to Ajyad Fort matter