2002 News Story

Kingdom addresses UN on reconstruction of Afghanistan

The Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Fawzi Shobokshi, addressing a special debate at the UN General Assembly on Friday on provision of urgent international aid for achieving the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan, pointed out that the generous assistance provided by a number of countries demonstrates the solidarity of the international community with the Afghan people. Saudi Arabia, he said, has provided U.S. $ 21 million in support of the provisional administration and the Afghan budget, having pledged $ 220 million over three years to support international efforts for Afghanistan at a conference hosted by the Japanese government in January, 2002. Already, the Saudi government and people have provided over $ 522 million to Afghan refugees, in addition to financial assistance to the UN Program for urgent humanitarian needs, $50 million for the reconstruction of the Kabul-Herat road in partnership with the United States and Japan, and 100,000 units of meningitis vaccination given to the World Health Organization for Afghan refugees last year.