2002 News Story

Labor minister defends Kingdom's charitable works

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Namlah has refuted the baseless accusations directed against the charitable works the Kingdom is carrying out in a number of countries, saying Saudi Arabia does not interfere in their domestic affairs and pointing out that charitable works are only carried out after the approval of the concerned authorities in those countries. He added: "The Kingdom has been calling for moderation in Islam, based on the tenets of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (the Prophet's teachings)."

Dr. Al-Namlah was in Cairo for the 22nd session of the Arab ministers of social affairs that ended yesterday by praising the project of the International Islamic Relief Organization, based in Saudi Arabia, to build and operate the Rafah Center for rehabilitation of Palestinian children injured in the Intifada. The ministers also decided to form a permanent ministerial committee composed of the Sudan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates as well as Saudi Arabia and Palestine, for the purpose of providing support for the Palestinian people in the area of social affairs.