2002 News Story

Saudi medical teams in Yemen to conduct surgeries

A Saudi medical team from the Prince Sultan Center for Heart Diseases and Surgery in Riyadh, in cooperation with the Heart Center at Al-Thawra general hospital in Sanaa, is currently conducting a series of open-heart surgeries. The team of five consultants and nine paramedics and nurses will stay in Yemen for two weeks and carry out over 40 open-heart surgeries and about 30 other cardiac operations. Another Saudi medical team, this time specializing in brain surgery and neurology, arrived in Sanaa yesterday, within the framework of cooperation between the Saudi and Yemeni ministries of health. A third team, specialized in osteopathy, is expected soon, as part of the project of the Saudi-German Hospital in Sanaa. Meanwhile, King Faisal Specialist Hospital has approved the training of five Yemeni physicians in the field of heart diseases and cancer.