2002 News Story

Prince Sultan reiterates Saudi condemnation of terrorism

Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz has again stressed that the leadership and people of Saudi Arabia are against terrorism and evildoers. At a press conference in Jeddah yesterday following his meeting with the committee that has been working on the Saudi Arabian Encyclopedia of Literature, Prince Sultan stated: "Islam rejects and condemns all acts of terrorism and every terrorist. Moreover, an evil act is considered a contradiction of both Islamic Shariah [Law] and human logic. The Kingdom has suffered greatly from the events of September 11, which caused such great pain for all mankind."

Prince Sultan went on to point out the falsehood in certain comments concerning the Kingdom, saying: "We, in the country of Islam and Arabism, do not pay heed to what has been said about the Kingdom because we know ourselves, our truth and what is within ourselves." No loyal Saudi, he said, would harbor any concealed evil for anyone, whether Muslim, Christian, or other. Individuals, Saudi or not, who have abandoned Islamic Shariah [Law] and turned traitor to their nation, take responsibility for their own actions. There are those who claim to be Saudis, who fought their country; and some who went off to defend their faith against communism turned around to become criminals and not reformists.