2002 News Story

Prince Nayef in Abha at annual police conference

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, affirming the importance of security in the Kingdom, has declared that Saudi society has earned a good reputation. Addressing the opening session in Abha yesterday of the tenth Conference of Police Directors, he commented: "In the absence of security, chaos will prevail and people's lives will be under threat."

Prince Nayef went on to say that since the Kingdom has suffered from acts of terrorism, security personnel should be facilitated to confront all forms of challenges and dangers. He urged the media to give greater attention to security, and to circulate reports that are proper and accurate. On the issue of establishing tourism police, Prince Nayef said this matter was under consideration, with coordination between the interior ministry and the tourism commission. Asked if the Kingdom would object to an Amnesty International visit to the Kingdom's prisons, he said Saudi Arabia had no reservations on this, or any such action that may positively contribute to refuting false allegations. A delegation, he said, had been sent from the Kingdom to Guantanamo to assess the situation of Saudis detained there; and the Saudi embassies in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been instructed to follow up on the situation of Saudi families in Afghanistan.