2001 Press Release

Kingdom cancels National Day celebrations

In light of the recent tragic events in the United States, Saudi Arabia has cancelled all of our National Day celebrations scheduled around the world for September 23. We have done this in sympathy for the victims, out of hope for the injured and out of respect for all the people of the United States of America. As we grieve with you, Saudi Arabia would like every American to know that we condemn these terrorist attacks and seek to bring those responsible to justice.

In addition to the support expressed by Crown Prince Abdullah to President Bush last week, the senior religious and legal scholars of Saudi Arabia have also denounced the barbaric events of September 11. 

“The recent developments in the United States constitute a form of injustice that is not tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts.” - Chairman of the Senior Ulema Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Shaikh, 9/15/01 

“As a human community we must be vigilant and careful to oppose these pernicious and shameless evils, which are not justified by any sane logic,nor by the religion of Islam.” - Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Shaikh Salih Al-Luheidan, 9/14/01