2001 News Story

SAA denies withholding passenger information from U.S.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) today issued a statement denying that it is withholding from U.S. customs and immigration officials information on passengers on SAA flights to the United States, and giving assurances that the airline has implemented all requests and has no hesitation in doing so. Referring to reports published recently by certain news media, the statement pointed out that the Kingdom is in full agreement with the June 15, 1996 memorandum of understanding submitted by U.S. customs and immigration to IATA, concerning providing data on passengers coming to the United States; this program was presented to all airlines as optional, and was postponed in order to find an easier and more economical alternative for its implementation.  Passenger lists, however, are electronically recorded in the automatic departure system, and can be reviewed at any SAA desk at a U.S. air terminal. Information from them is provided to U.S. authorities upon request.