2001 News Story

Successful skin grafting in Jeddah hospital

A skin grafting operation for a patient suffering burns covering 90 percent of his body has been carried out successfully at the King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah. Program Director Dr. Abdullatif Al-Darees explained that the skin for the graft was donated by two relatives, since burns covered all parts of the 18-year-old's body except a part of his neck and face. The accident happened when water, superheated to 1,000 degrees Celsius, spilled over from a factory boiler. Initial treatment required attention to vital organs, since the patient was at risk of complete kidney failure as a result of the absorption into the bloodstream of poisons from dead tissue. Once his condition was stabilized, Dr. Al-Darees said, the skin grafting began, and the operation took more than two hours. The patient's body did not reject the graft, his blood is circulating normally, and he is now recuperating. Usually such extensive burns are fatal.