2001 News Story

Saudi UN representative speaks out on Palestine

Addressing the Security Council session on the Palestinian problem yesterday, the Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Fawzi Shobokshi described the measures taken by Israeli forces in the occupied territories as "inhuman" and warned against the deteriorating security situation and the escalating tension in the region. It is clear, he said, that terrorist methods are being practiced by Israel in the assassination of Palestinians and the use of aerial bombings. He deplored Israel's decision to divide the West Bank into 43 sections and the Gaza Strip into four, and predicted that this economic siege in the occupied territories will lead to the destruction of the Palestinian economy. He attested to the fact that the Palestinian intifada is not an expression of violence as the Israelis allege, but rather a resistance to occupation, a national duty practiced by all nations to liberate themselves from the yoke of injustice. The intifada, he pointed out, reflects the Palestinians' disappointment.

in the outcome of the peace talks, together with the realization that Israel is neither genuinely working towards a just peace nor planning to recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, notably that of establishing their independent state with Al-Qu'ds [Jerusalem] as its capital. Ambassador Shobokshi went on to say that the human rights committee sent to the occupied territories under the leadership of Mary Robinson had emphasized the sufferings of the Palestinian people. He urged the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and send a UN surveillance force to the occupied territories in order to stop the bloodshed.