2001 News Story

Prince Nayef on official visit to Iran

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz arrived in Tehran yesterday on a several-day official visit to Iran. He was received today by Head of the Expediency Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

On his departure from Riyadh, Prince Nayef declared that the aim of his visit is to promote bilateral relations as well as discuss security issues, adding that the security agreement to be signed includes articles on combating terrorism, drugs and crime. In his address to the first session of the official Saudi-Iranian talks that was held yesterday evening, he referred to the signing of the agreement as of benefit to the entire region.
Meanwhile, in an interview published yesterday by Kuwait's Al-Anba newspaper, Prince Nayef expressed the hope that the signing of the Saudi-Iranian security agreement would pave the way for similar agreements with other countries in the region. In the interview, he also criticized the unfairness of the position of certain international powers concerning the Palestinian cause, notably the United States; and referred to the issue of Iraq's stance on Kuwait, noting that Iraq seems reluctant to end the problem. He also stressed the importance of coordination amongst GCC member states, and of Arab solidarity. Asked about security in the Kingdom in light of recent explosion incidents, Prince Nayef remarked that such incidents take place in all countries of the world, and that in Saudi Arabia, they are very few in number. Saudi society, he said, opposes such incidents, and the Kingdom is in fact one of the best countries in the world as regards security and stability.