2001 News Story

Head of SCT promotes tourism on visit to Oman

Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT) Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz left Muscat today after a short visit to Oman, during which he toured tourist areas including the Nazwa Fortress and Jibreen Castle. At the sixth conference of Arab travel agencies, he stated the Kingdom's intention of utilizing its own historic sites to attract tourists, providing them not only all facilities but also information on the country's deep-rooted heritage, and tying in Islam's two pilgrimages (hajj, the major annual pilgrimage, and umrah, the minor one) with tourism aspects. Saudi Arabia, he said, is developing programs related to ancient and historical landmarks, places of architectural and cultural heritage, and the natural environment, as well as business, marketing, conferences and festivals of all sorts, although tourist programs are directed primarily at family travel.