2001 News Story

Saudi Arabia's statement to UN condemns terrorist attacks

In a statement distributed to the delegations participating in the 56th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on Tuesday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia again condemned the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States and expressed readiness to participate in all efforts to eradicate international terrorism. Pointing out that Saudi Arabia itself has suffered from terrorism, the statement noted that the Kingdom is a signatory of all the UN anti-terrorism agreements; but stressed that this is not enough, since the infrastructure supporting terrorist elements must be undermined. It went on to state that combating terrorism should never take the form of defamation of particular religious or racial groups, and that linking Islam with terrorism benefits only those who are proponents of a conflict of civilizations. Saudi Arabia, it declared, supports an international conference to define the concept of terrorism while differentiating it from the right of nations, within the framework of the UN conventions, to struggle against those occupying their territories. The statement stressed that in order to avoid terrorist exploitation of the situation in the Middle East, efforts should be made to reach a just solution for the Palestinian issue in accordance with UN resolutions. As for Afghanistan, while aware of the reasons for the war, the Kingdom is concerned that it will unduly affect innocent civilians, and reiterates the need for constructive dialogue worldwide. (full text in speeches file)