2001 News Story

Minister addresses ILO conference in Geneva

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Namlah delivered the Kingdom's speech to the 89th session of the International Labor Organization (ILO) conference in Geneva yesterday, and stated that Saudi Arabia has taken measures to provide the best working environment that ensures stability and comfort for all employees, whether citizens or expatriates. The labor regulations, he said, guarantee workers' rights against discrimination and segregation. He explained that the recently-enacted social insurance regulations had been designed as a humane cooperative system and updated to suit modern social developments.

Minister Al-Namlah went on to express gratitude to the ILO board and all friendly countries for their support for a special session on the situation of Arab employees in Palestine and the other occupied lands, hoping that the international community will work to enable Palestinian employees to obtain the very least of their human rights: the right to work.