2001 News Story

Kingdom refutes Iraq's allegations

In a letter to Secretary-General of the Arab League Amre Moussa, Saudi Arabia has refuted Iraqi claims that a Saudi border patrol infiltrated Iraq several days ago, describing such claims as misleading. The letter explained the situation as follows:

At 11 p.m. on Saturday, August 25, five armed Iraqis came across the border from Iraq for a distance of 800 meters inside Saudi territory. At that time, a three-man Saudi border patrol from the Qasr station was parked on the shoulder of a Saudi road. The Iraqi infiltrators surprised the patrol and started firing. Private Saad bin Ali Al-Slubi was hit, and the infiltrators dragged him inside the Iraqi border. It is still unknown whether he is alive or has died from his wounds. Photographs taken at the Saudi site show the trail where the wounded soldier was dragged, his bloodstains, and the shells of the weapons used by the infiltrating Iraqis.
This incident is not the first in which Iraqi forces have infiltrated Saudi borders in the hope of creating a climate of tension and spreading unfounded stories. Such incidents serve neither Arab relations nor the efforts exerted to help the Iraqi people in their ordeal, but rather harm Arab and Islamic interests. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially informed the Arab League of similar incidents on previous occasions.
The letter also refuted Iraq's allegation that the Kingdom is partner to what Iraq terms an 'American-British' conspiracy, and noted that this allegation has already been rebutted by the Saudi mission to the Arab League as pure falsehood, having no basis whatsoever.
The Kingdom reiterated its commitment to the principles and charter of the Arab League, and that it holds Iraq fully responsible for repeated aggression against the Saudi lands.