2001 News Story

OIC attests to value of consultation (shura)

In a statement issued in Rabat, Morocco yesterday at the conclusion of the conference of the Federation of Islamic Parliaments, the Organization of the Islamic Conference attested to the value of the democratic option of consultation (shura) as the ideal method for managing the affairs of the Muslim world and enhancing the pillars of Islamic solidarity.

The statement also declared that a lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East can only be attained with Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, notably Al-Quds [Jerusalem]. Deploring Israel's failure to comply with international resolutions and human rights conventions, it urged Muslim governments and nations to suspend all forms of political, economic and military relations with Israel until it puts an end to its vicious aggression against the Palestinians.
The Federation's statement also deplored the recent terrorist acts in the United States, declaring the eradication of terrorism to be an international responsibility; called for appropriate measures to contain adverse impacts of globalization on the economies of Muslim countries; stressed the importance of working towards the establishment of an Islamic common market; and reflected on the significant role played by Islamic culture in the development of human civilization.