2000 Public Statement

Saudi-Malaysian communiqué on Prince Sultan's visit
A joint statement was issued today at the end of the state visit to Malaysia of Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

The bilateral talks were conducted in an atmosphere of cordiality and understanding, reflected identical viewpoints, and covered regional and international topics of mutual interest as well as ways of further developing bilateral relations. While satisfied at the existing level of bilateral relations, the two sides expressed their desire to enhance it in the fields of economics, trade, investment, science, technology, defense, finance, industry, religious affairs, culture, tourism, sports and youth affairs.

They agreed to work together in order to contribute to improvement in international regulations for monitoring the financial sector and improving the global financial system; to encourage the private sectors in both countries to benefit from the available trade and investment opportunities; to coordinate their international stance; and to exchange information and expertise in the area of petroleum and minerals. They also expressed their satisfaction at the signing of an agreement on encouragement and protection of investment exchange, and another on access to each other's markets in commodities and services.
Malaysia stressed its strong support for the accession of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which will strengthen the position of the Islamic countries and of developing nations.
With respect to the situation in the Middle East, the two sides strongly condemned the blatant Israeli violations which began with attacks on Islamic places under the protection of Israeli troops, resulting in deaths and injuries to a large number of Palestinians. The two sides voiced great concern over the deteriorating situation in the lives of the Palestinian brothers as a result of Israeli military attacks, which are hindering the peace process in the Middle East. They stressed that peace and stability in the region will not be achieved, unless the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are restored, including their right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as its capital, and the complete return of the Syrian Golan Heights to the border as of June 4, 1967. Both sides stressed the sensitivity of the issue of Al-Quds for the Muslim world. In this context, they urged Muslim countries to take a united stand, exerting all efforts to prevent the repeated Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people and the holy Islamic sites, and backing the Palestinian people at all levels.
The two sides praised the outcome of the extraordinary Arab Summit conference held recently in Cairo, notably the Summit's recommendation for a court for war crimes in the United Nations, in order to bring to justice those who have caused the killing of a large number of Palestinians.
The two sides agreed to work at the bilateral level through the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to achieve the unity and development of the Islamic world. They also agreed on the importance of the Islamic countries receiving their fair share of the global economy and development. In this regard, the two countries urged the OIC to face the new challenges and make sure that the Islamic countries are not sidelined within the framework of the globalization process.
For its part, Malaysia expressed its gratitude to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the excellent facilities that it offers annually to thousands of Malaysian pilgrims.
The two sides praised the positive and fruitful outcome of Prince Sultan's visit and agreed on the importance of following it up and engaging in continued exchange of contacts and visits in order to enhance and develop the brotherly relations for the mutual interests of the two peoples and countries.