2000 Speech

Saudi leaders greet Muslims on 1420 Eid Al-Adha

We extend our welcome to you from the vicinity of the sacred house of God, the site of which He pointed out to Abraham, and which he sanctified for those who circumambulate it or stand before it or prostrate themselves by it in prayer. God has honored us with service to is, so that we extend every effort to look after it and its visitors, who come here in response to the proclamation, and who meet together in this place, gathering in obedience to Almighty God, worshipping Him and getting to love and know each other, as they vie with each other to be accepted by Him, granted success and virtue, and have banished from them, all that is evil.

Dear brothers:
This large gathering, which converges every year in this sacred place, reflects the success of Islam that is granted to Muslims by God. It is a unique meeting, chosen by God, and bestowing on us all a strong link within the Muslim world and joining all Islamic peoples in brotherhood. This great Islamic gathering is a distinguished forum, and an assembly for all nationalities, without discrimination or distinction. It is clear evidence of the strong values of our religion, which links the Islamic community, as our destination. Our aim and our objectives are unified, and all of this is based on our strong link with God and our concern to purify our creed.
Dear brothers:
Among the characteristics of Muslims that are encouraged by our religion, is good intention and a pure purpose in what is happening and over what a Muslim thinks or conceals, whether between himself and his brother Muslim, or with individuals from other nations, who are sharing this planet with him. In this difficult era, there is increasing need for God's protection and for adherence to Him. Muslims therefore need to put their trust in building connections to their pure religion and its eternal teaching, as the most eligible way to counter the evils of the age, spread good deeds, and ensure reasons for happiness, by stopping the mistaken, guiding the misled, assisting the needy, and thinking of developing services to all mankind.
The obligation of performing Hajj once in a lifetime is full of wisdom, some of it clear to us now but some to be revealed in the future, while part will remain hidden, known only to Almighty God for the benefit of all. The pilgrimage is therefore a test in obedience to God as well as a way to be cleansed of sins, to learn to bear hardship, and to renounce any existence separate from other people. All here are equal, dressed the same, and making the same movements in the holy places, in the time scheduled by our Prophet and in accordance with our religion, in order to realize the objectives of Hajj rituals, in identified places and in counted days, to explore the depths of faith and obedience. Hajj is not allocated for one season out of the year, but rotates yearly, so that sometimes it falls in the hot season and other times in the cold season, or in between them, and at all times, the Muslim is obedient and patient.
Dear brothers:
It is our pleasure and happiness to serve the holy mosques, pilgrims, and visitors. We consider this service as a top priority in our work. And as the number of pilgrims increased, we were concerned enough to expand the Two Holy Mosques, and provide all modern necessities, including roads and other services at the Holy Places, in order to secure easy and smooth movement. This is appreciated by our Muslim brothers, everywhere in the world.
Dear brothers:
As we approach the end of our rituals, with gratitude to Almighty God for his grace and for the safety and health of the pilgrims, who have been performing their Hajj in ease, comfort and tranquility, we would like to extend our congratulations to them and pray to God to accept the  rituals of all of us, to confer upon us His mercy, and to bestow the Eid upon all of us with blessings and prosperity.
Dear brothers:
Muslims are aware of the good aims of their religion and the objectives of tolerance and the spread of justice. We are therefore distressed at the suffering of certain people in the world. We are particularly distressed at the suffering and injustice inflicted upon Muslims. We endeavor, as much as we can, to alleviate some causes of their pain, by providing assistance, or participating in international forums, and through special relations and communications with governments whose good offices we can anticipate.
Foremost among the issues, is that of Jerusalem and the injustice suffered by its people. Only recently has an urgent desire emerged to eliminate these sufferings wherever they existed, and to seek a peaceful solution for international disputes via direct negotiations, particularly in the 50-year-old Arab-Israeli conflict, which has passed through stages of escalation and resulted in the loss of Arab territories, in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, southern Lebanon and western Baka'a. Despite such grave setbacks, which resulted from concerted hostile endeavor against the Arab and Islamic will, Israel is still seeking its so-called secure borders.

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Dear brothers:
Finally, we once again extend our greetings and congratulations to all brother Muslims, wishing them a happy Eid, and many happy returns of the day. In the same breath, we wish for our brother pilgrims that their pilgrimage be flawless and their prayers accepted, and that they return safely to their homes, shielded by God's protection. And the last of our prayers is always praise  to God the Cherisher and Sustainer of the world.