2000 News Story

Minister Al-Namla to represent Arab World at ILO conference

The Arab League labor conference, which concluded its deliberations today in Sharm-Al-Sheikh in Egypt, unanimously decided yesterday to nominate Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Dr. Ali Bin Ibrahim Al-Namla to head the Arab delegation to the 88th session of the International Labor Organization's conference in Geneva in June, 2000.

The Sharm-Al-Sheikh conference also condemned Israel's attacks on Lebanon, calling on the international community to assist Lebanon in obtaining compensation for damages caused; and stressed Arab support for the Palestinians in their struggle for self-determination and the establishment of their own state with Jerusalem as its capital, condemning Israeli policies aimed at effacing Arab and Islamic religious and historic landmarks in that city. The conference also called on member states of the Arab Labor Organization and international financial bodies to explore the feasibility of establishing an international fund for solidarity and the combat of poverty; and expressed support for workers in Iraq, and for the national reconciliation conference for the Somali people.