2000 News Story

GCC Secretariat conducts opinion poll

An opinion poll conducted by the Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has shown unanimous support for the resolutions of the 20th GCC Summit held in Riyadh last November. The issues polled include a unified customs system, with integrated tariffs and amendments to the conditions covering the status of nation of origin; modification of regulations for ownership of real estate; a system for certification of patents; a mechanism for disposal of medical wastes; and authorization for GCC health ministries to authenticate registration of materials and products of national companies.

With respect to modifying conditions covering the status of nation of origin, the opinion was expressed that this will pave the way for the GCC states to amend regulations for foreign investment, consequently generating a positive impact on the transfer of technology and opening up investment opportunities. The unified customs system in particular is considered as an important step toward setting up a common Gulf market to meet future challenges as well as easing the flow of commodities among the GCC states. Certification for patents comes in line with international agreements in this regard and represents a move towards globalization.
The public personalities consulted include GCC's Secretary General Jameel Bin Ibrahim Al-Hujeilan, as well as a number of government officials representing all six of the GCC member states.