2000 News Story

Increase in Number of Islamic Centers in U.K.

A new Islamic Center in Dewsbury in the United Kingdom was inaugurated yesterday by Advisor at the Royal Court Dr. Abdullah Ibn Abdulmohsen Al-Turki. The center is run, with assistance from the Kingdom, by the Ahl Al-Hadeeth Society of Great Britain, which was founded in 1975. On Friday, Dr. Al-Turki inaugurated another of the Society's Centers, the Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Bradford, a town which has a large Muslim population estimated at over 140,000. On that occasion, Lord Nazeer Ahmed, member of the House of Lords, expressed appreciation for the services, and especially the medical aid, extended by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the group of pilgrims from Britain who performed the Hajj this year. For his part, British Minister of State for the Affairs of the Home Office Michael Brian affirmed that British Muslims, of whom there are about 2 million, are an integral part of British society, and have actively contributed to pushing ahead the economy and enriching British civilization.