2000 News Story

Conclusion of Arab information conference in Cairo

The 33rd conference of ministers of information from members of the League of Arab States, ending its two-day session in Cairo today, welcomed the proposal by Information Minister Dr. Fouad Al-Farsi for a future joint meeting with Arab interior ministers to coordinate on security issues.

Calling on the team assigned to formulate a strategy for Arab media on the issue of Al-Quds [Jerusalem] to be diligent in monitoring Israel's attempts to control the Arab city, the ministers urged adoption of the Al-Quds Convention confirming the right of the Palestinians to have Jerusalem as their capital. They also called for condemnation of the Israeli government if it continues to refuse to desist from its violations and expansionist plans, and for a campaign to be launched in the media on the illegality of the proposed transfer of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Addressing the issue of Israeli occupation of Arab lands in Palestine and the Golan Heights, the ministers stressed the importance of forging an Arab information policy aimed at educating public opinion in favor of a fair solution to the issue of the rights of the Palestinian and Syrian peoples.