2000 News Story

Report on Kingdom's aid to Somalia

The Higher Commission for Collection of Donations for Somalia, headed by Governor of Riyadh Province Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, has reported that during the 1990s the government and citizens of Saudi Arabia, and expatriates residing in the Kingdom, donated over SR 183 million [U.S. $ 48.8 million] in cash and kind to those in need in Somalia.

Donations in kind included wheat, barley, rice, dates, macaroni, milk powder, cooking oil, sugar, canned foodstuffs, medicine, clothes, and copies of the Holy Qur'an.

The relief aid was carried out in three phases. The first, in 1993, involved distribution to the victims of civil war and natural catastrophes scattered along the border with Kenya, or in refugee camps near Nairobi and Mombassa, or displaced inside Somalia. The second, from about 1994 through 1998, consolidated these efforts, extending them to Djibouti, where three Somali camps were located. At the end of the 1990s, the third phase focused on relief to victims of flooding, extending veterinary as well as medical and sustenance aid. In addition, a number of projects were started, constructing mosques, drilling water wells, erecting bridges, and providing educational facilities

Meanwhile, the Kingdom is continuing its efforts to promote an end to the fighting among the Somali factions and to restore the Somali people to prosperity and stability.