2000 News Story

Interior ministry issues deadline for expatriate registration

The Interior Ministry has issued a deadline for expatriates, both individuals and those working for Saudi

companies, who have not yet adjusted their resident and work status in accordance with the

announcement of a grace period in effect since July 3, 2000. Effective August 30, 2000, all penalties will

be firmly implemented.

The ministry reminds all citizens and residents, and all company owners, of the


  1. tthat the residence system prohibits the employment of expatriates in vocations that differ from those they have been recruited for, nor can they be classified as self-employed;
  2. that foreign owners of companies and establishments need to be properly licensed or have Saudi nationals deputized on their behalf;
  3. that sponsors who recruit foreign workers and then let them work for others or on their own in return for sums of money, will be deprived of the right to recruit or practice in any future activity, and are liable for penalties that include three months' imprisonment and fines up to SR 50,000 [U.S. $ 13,333], in addition to those stipulated in the regulations of the concerned government authorities;
  4. that, with the exception of those who come to the Kingdom for investment purposes in line with the Council of Ministers resolution of April 10, 2000, expatriates are prohibited from commercial trade activities on their own;
  5. that owners of companies and landlords should not shelter or employ anyone who is an illegal resident, and are liable to punishment under the law;
  6. that the Passport Office will investigate all reports of residence permit violations and collaborate with all concerned governmental authorities to detect such violations;
  7. that owners of establishments or companies will be queried on any excessive foreign manpower employed by them, and that violations will lead to suspension of their activities, and will make them liable for severe punishment.

The Interior Ministry would like to thank all those who respond positively to these measures, which aim at

ensuring the safety and security of the country, its citizens and those who reside in it, while preserving

the nation's achievements and promoting Saudization of jobs in a manner that paves the way for a

promising and bright future for the generations to come.