2000 News Story

Prince Saud interviewed by Okaz daily newspaper

In a statement published in the Okaz daily newspaper in Jeddah today, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal commented on the current tour of Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to the United States of America, Brazil, Argentine, and Venezuela. Pointing out that Saudi Arabia is fully aware that ongoing global changes require activity and movement, he described the Crown Prince's current tour as a continuation of his previous tours to the United Kingdom, France, the USA, China, Japan and South Korea; and to South Africa, Italy, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

Such visits, he said, have yielded positive results in the service of Arab and Islamic issues, notably that of the Palestinians and the importance of Al-Quods [Jerusalem] to Arab and Muslim nations, and that of drawing the attention of western media not to link Islam with terrorist movements.
While visiting Venezuela, the Crown Prince will take part in the Summit of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). This visit is of especial interest on account of the ideal coordination between the two countries in their capacity as influential members of OPEC.
As for Brazil and Argentine, these two countries represent the largest South American economies, and have the potential for good economic exchanges with Saudi Arabia.
Prince Saud went on to say that globalization is imperative due to the advances in science, knowledge and communications, which surpass economic, political and geographical borders and turn the world into one large unified market.
On the need to hold an Arab Summit, the Foreign Minister explained that Arab and Islamic solidarity is among the pillars of Saudi policy. The Kingdom, while insisting that any Summit must be well prepared for, fully supports the Arab League's recent resolution calling for Arab Summits on an annual basis.
Concerning current developments in the Middle East peace process following the Second Camp David meeting, Prince Saud said the Kingdom stands firmly by Palestinian rights, chief among them that to Al-Quds as capital of its independent state. Saudi Arabia also supports Syria and Lebanon in their issues, including restoration of the Golan Heights to the June 4, 1967 parallel.
On the threatening and blackmailing policy of the Iraqi regime, Prince Saud said the current Iraqi behavior can never serve the stability and security of the region. On the contrary, it harms the Iraqi people and the causes of the Arab World, distracting attention from the Palestinian issue as the peace negotiations enter a critical and vital phase.