2000 News Story

Saudi-Yemeni coordination council ends deliberations

The Saudi-Yemeni Coordination Council ended the two-day deliberations of its 12th session in Madinah yesterday in a spirit of brotherhood. The session was co-chaired by Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen Dr. Abd al-Karim Ali al-Iryani.

In a joint statement, the two sides expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, and denounced Israel's aggressive policy against unarmed Palestinians that has resulted in the killing of many innocent people and the blocking of the peace process. They called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility to halt Israeli aggression, dismantle all Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories, and make the Middle East a non-nuclear zone free from all weapons of mass destruction.
The two sides agreed that a delegation from the Saudi Development Fund (SDF) will visit Yemen and hold talks on debt re-scheduling, the Saudi side pledging U.S. $300 million in soft loans to finance certain development projects. In the sphere of education, plans are under way for Saudi teachers to go to Yemen, and for about 100 Yemeni students to be accepted into Saudi institutes of higher learning. In agriculture, there will be free access to each other's markets. Cooperation is also planned for many other areas, such as health services, manpower, and electricity, and especially in commerce and investments. The Council resolved to hold meetings every six months, alternately in each country.