2000 News Story

Kingdom presents wildlife book to Library of Congress

At a reception in Washington DC yesterday marking the 200th anniversary of its establishment, the Library

of Congress was presented with a commemorative book from the Kingdom entitled 'Gifts of the Desert'.

The book was given by Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, who is head of the National Commission for Wildlife

Development and Conservation as well as Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation

and Inspector-General. The presentation was made by Ambassador Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Kattan on behalf

of Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz. The reception was

attended by some 500 people, including representatives from the U.S. administration and from Congress.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Kattan highlighted the distinguished relations that exist between

Saudis and Americans, based on principles of mutual respect and common interests, observing that both

countries are concerned with enhancing the pillars of global peace, stability and prosperity. He went on to

point out the great attention the Kingdom gives to the environment, declaring that this is advocated by

Islam, and adding that Saudi Arabia has been working to realize a balance between industrial development

and environmental protection.