2000 News Story

Kingdom condemns attacks on Palestinians

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has condemned the brutal attacks on Palestinian citizens by the occupying

Israeli authorities in Jerusalem that have resulted in deaths and injuries, in flagrant violation of the

simplest international principles and laws. An official statement yesterday deplored and condemned the

provocative visit recently paid to Al-Aqsa Mosque by Mr. Ariel Sharon in the company of hundreds of

Israeli soldiers, referring to it as defying the feelings not only of Palestinians, but of Muslims throughout

the world, as well as desecrating Islamic holy sites. The international community is urged to take the

required measures to ensure protection of these holy sites.  The statement reiterated that while a comprehensive, just and durable peace remains essential for the

region, this goal can never be realized without implementation of the United Nations resolutions enabling

the Palestinian people to practice their legitimate rights, in particular that of establishing their independent

state with Jerusalem as its capital.