2000 News Story

Prince Sultan meets with Arab Ambassadors in China

During his ongoing visit to the People's Republic of China, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of

Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz on Saturday visited the ancient

city of Shian, and on Friday met with Arab ambassadors accredited to Beijing. Addressing the ambassadors, Prince Sultan called for an end to dispute in the Middle East, and for Israel to hand back the occupied lands, including Jerusalem, saying this was the only way to forget the tragedies and ordeals of the past. He urged the Palestinians to be more disciplined, and to stand aloof from all matters that might give justification for Israel to continue its aggressive practices, warning against irrational reactions in face of provocation. He went on to point out that there are some Jews who have the wisdom to be aware that Israel cannot survive without coexistence with the Palestinians.

Prince Sultan went on to praise the moderate and neutral position of China towards the issue of the Middle

East. China, he said, in the belief that the current Israeli policy will not serve the interests of the Jewish state, and in full support of the relevant international agreements, which Israel has violated, has issued a statement calling for a cease-fire to enable the UN Security Council to investigate the current situation.

It was announced today that Prince Sultan will pay an official visit to the Republic of South Korea from

Tuesday October 17 to Friday October 20, 2000, in response to an official invitation from its government.