2000 News Story

Foreign minister praises outcome of Arab Summit

At a press conference following the Arab Summit in Cairo which ended its deliberations yesterday, Minister

of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal referred to the positive initiatives that the Kingdom had presented

for the Palestinian struggle, as outlined in the speech given on Saturday by Deputy Prime Minister and

Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. These initiatives will enable

Palestinian citizens to liberate themselves from the yoke of the Israeli economy while taking caring of the

brave combatants who are in need of the world's sympathy.

Prince Saud went on to remark that the United States in its sponsorship of the peace efforts should have

taken a just stance toward both sides of the conflict. He added that the Arab world would not realize its

goals without re-formulating its relations, revising all bonds that link it to Israel, since at a time when

international efforts are underway to enhance coexistence in the region, Israel is insisting on its survival

as an alien body. The Kingdom, he said, will never accept an alternative for Jerusalem as the capital of the

Palestinian State, and stressed the importance of implementing all international commitments that reject

the encroachment of Jerusalem's Islamic and Arab characteristics.
The Foreign Minister expressed satisfaction at the Arab Summit's endorsement of the Crown Prince's

proposal to establish two funds for the Palestinian cause, referring to his speech where he stressed that

Israel must not be allowed to feel that it can do whatever it wants. He also pointed out that Crown Prince

Abdullah had underlined the fact that the United States, as sponsor to the peace process, should have

taken a stance on what is going on and deterred Israel from the direction in which it is dragging the