1999 News Story

Saudi aid to Kosovo continues

The Saudi Joint Committee for the Relief of Kosovo has reported that its affiliate, the International Relief Commission, has appropriated just under U.S. $5 million to finance projects currently under way in Kosovo. Over $2 million has already been spent on such projects, in addition to relief materials to the value of $2 million as of June 30, 1999. The projects cover all fields, including rehabilitation, foodstuffs, relief materials, educational and religious programs, sponsorship of orphans, health care programs and development projects.

Meanwhile, a ship left Jeddah yesterday loaded with relief materials and foodstuffs destined for Pristina as part of the Kingdom's assistance to Kosovo. The freight totals 1,530 tons in 75 containers, and includes 400,000 liters of milk from Al-Safie Dairy as well as 900 cartons of clothing, 1,000 blankets, 25 water cisterns, medical supplies and surgical appliances such as wheelchairs.