1999 News Story

Saudi non-oil exports on the rise

It was announced that over 33 thousand certificates were issued for Saudi non-oil exports to foreign markets during the second quarter of the current hijrah year [July to October 1999], with a value of SR 4.63 billion [U.S. $ 1.23 billion]. These exports cover petrochemical, plastic and mineral products as well as building materials and electrical appliances, and went to over 90 countries worldwide.

Meanwhile, it was announced today that starting in February 2000 a new salt-processing company based in Dammam plans an annual production of 35,000 tons of refined and 250,000 tons of crude salt, some of which would in the future be exported to member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Europe, and the United States. The various types of salt produced include the special salt used in water desalination plants, salt for livestock, and the industrial salt used by petrochemical companies.