1999 News Story

Council of Ministers meeting

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz today chaired the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, which reviewed the latest news on the tragic situation in Chechnya, and called on Russia to resort to peaceful means and launch fresh negotiations with Chechen rebels to put an end to the bloodshed and facilitate the transfer of relief supplies to those in need in Chechnya. The cabinet deplored the current tragic developments that have not only caused thousands of fatalities, but left thousands of Chechens injured or displaced, forced to flee to neighboring countries.

Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz then briefed the cabinet on his recent state visits to the United States of America and the Republic of France, referring to both as positive, and citing the two joint statements issued at the end of each visit. King Fahd remarked on the distinguished relations the Kingdom has with various countries worldwide, based on cordiality, peace and mutual respect, and pointed out that Saudi Arabia, as a result of its political pillars derived from the Islamic faith, was always concerned to develop and activate these relations in order to enhance security and peace in the world for the benefit of the international community as a whole, as well as for Arab and Islamic causes.
Turning to domestic matters, the cabinet endorsed the Arab Agreement on Judicial Cooperation signed in Riyadh on April 6, 1983 after amendment of the 69th Article to read as follows: "This Agreement shall not contradict special agreements between member states, and if such contradiction occurs, the agreement will be adhered to that is more applicable to the extradition of accused and convicted persons and the realization of security and judicial cooperation."
The cabinet also endorsed the Trademark Act [see excerpts from Trademark Act] .