1999 News Story

Jenadriyah Festival to take place in February

It was announced yesterday that the 15th National Festival of Heritage and Culture at Jenadriyah will be inaugurated on February 2, 2000. The opening ceremony will include the annual camel race, and an operetta to be performed by the singers Talal Maddah, Mohammed Abdu, Obadi Al-Johar, Abdelmajeed Abdullah, Khalid Abdelrahman, Rabih Saqr and Rashid Al-Fares.
This year's theme is "Islam and the Orient", and the cultural program includes a Qur'an memorization contest for schoolchildren. Ten drama productions and an art show will be presented in collaboration with the universities and the General Presidency of Youth Welfare, and Yahya Bin Abdullah Al-Malami will be honored. It is expected that over 50 publishing houses will participate in the book fair.