1999 News Story

Royal Commission Encourages Private Industry

The Royal Commission in Yanbu is planning to implement three industrial projects within the framework of ongoing efforts to facilitate the private sector's contribution to the country's development. These are the Ibn Rushd gas and aromatics project, to cost SR 900 million (U.S. $ 240 million); SABIC Gas, to cost SR 400 million (U.S. $ 106.7 million), and the expansion of the Yanbu Gas Company, to cost SR 940 million (U.S. $ 250.7 million).

Arrangements are underway for another basic industry project and there are proposals for the establishment of five more, plus other secondary and light industry projects. Six plants for basic industries have already been set up in Yanbu Industrial City, with an invested capital of SR 29,600 million (U.S. $ 9,893.3 million).