1999 News Story

Education Minister At Rabat Conference

Minister of Education Dr. Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Al-Rasheed today addressed the regional conference on education and human rights in the Arab states which is taking place in Rabat, Morocco, and reaffirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has, ever since its establishment, regarded Islam as the yardstick for its governance, institutions and development; this is especially so, he said, in the area of human resources and the education of young people. He went on to point out that Saudi Arabia's educational curriculum for both males and females is based on true human rights, and as such, when they graduate, they are fully aware of the reality that these human rights were already ensured by divine directives before being propagated by governments or systems. He emphasized that the reason the Kingdom is the country with the fewest regulations specifying human rights, is because Islamic Shari'ah [Law] treats everyone equally, and provides full and successful solutions that are implemented directly by the Saudi judiciary.