1999 News Story

Organ Donation Symposium in Jeddah

King Khalid National Guard Hospital in Jeddah is organizing today a symposium on organ donation in collaboration with the Saudi Organ Transplant Center. Participating are a number of specialists and consultants at Saudi hospitals, who will discuss the concept of brain death and organ transplant from an Islamic point of view as well as the role being played by the Center in this respect.

Dr. Saad Al-Shuheib, who is a kidney disease consultant and head of the symposium's organizing committee, said that in the Kingdom, over 6,000 patients are waiting for a kidney transplant; others are waiting for liver, heart and cornea transplants. The issue of transplantation of organs has therefore become of great importance. Dr. Ghada Arkoubi, who is an ophthalmology consultant at the King Khalid hospital, said the symposium will reassure patients who are awaiting transplants and encourage donations of the organs required; she urged all businessmen, scientific centers, and institutions to extend support to the Saudi Organ Transplant Center.