1999 News Story

STC to start pre-paid telephone card service

The Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) will start tomorrow an experimental operation in Riyadh to provide the service of pre-paid telephone cards. This was announced by Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones Dr. Ali Al-Juhani, who is also chairman of the company. The service will thereafter be expanded to cover all cities in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Juhani pointed out that 70 percent of the project's employees and 100 percent of its marketing staff will be Saudi nationals.

The cards, which have been designed to incorporate the logo for the Kingdom's centennial, will be in denominations of SR 25, SR 100 and SR 200, and will be available at most supermarkets and other outlets. The special equipment required for using the cards will be installed in selected locations such as commercial, residential and medical complexes.