1999 News Story

Anti-smoking day observed

On the occasion of International Anti-Smoking Day, which falls on Monday, May 31, Minister of Health Dr. Osama Shobokshi referred to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) and warned against an increase in the number of smokers among young people, especially girls.  He said Saudi Arabia is fully aware of the adverse impact of smoking and has taken measures to contain the menace, including a ban on smoking in all government offices, public institutions, and domestic flights of Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA). There is also an embargo on cigarette advertising in Saudi newspapers, and a 100 percent increase in custom tariffs has been imposed on imported tobacco and its derivatives.  He added that the GCC standards organization has approved reducing the nicotine content in cigarettes to 0.6 percent, and that there are now 34 anti-smoking clinics in the Kingdom.